Environmental Integration

Camouflage, Concealment and Architectural Enhancement Services

All of our environmental integration services feature:

  • Quotes – fast, free, no commitment.
  • Preliminary Design – presentation materials for approval applications.
  • Design – contextually and environmentally sensitive for both architectural concealment and/or natural integration strategies.
  • Fabrication – quick, dependable turnaround.

We also provide a full range of support and consultation options to help you achieve your construction goals, bridging all phases of your project, from initial site assessment through turnkey delivery:

  • Site Visits – to better assess the environmental integration potential in relation to the area and to provide strategic guidance as the project evolves.
  • Professional Consultations – to work proactively with your clients as well as town and local planning boards constructively addressing concerns, questions, or zoning issues that may arise.

Additional pre-construction services may include:

  • Design Simulations – digitally generated illustrations and 3-D scale models to facilitate a better understanding of your stealthing or concealment project. Images can be digitally placed into a site photograph to help study and explain the best possible design for integration into the local environment.
  • Material Samples – furnished upon request, to test color and texture matching and integrated, location-specific customizations.

Environmental Integration guarantees:

  • Expert Installation – experienced engineering assures quick installation turnaround and solid, dependable structures.
  • Turnkey Production – all camouflage and concealment services originate here from under one roof, giving you the best quality and maximum cost control.
  • Expert Advice on Erection – experienced engineering guides your installers on quick turnaround and solid, dependable structures.
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