Environmental Integration

Camouflage and Concealment Products

Environmental Integration, LLC (EI) has developed a wide range of industry standard concealment products as well as unique integrations to solve our clients’ challenges, including both natural and architectural solutions:

We use high-quality materials – Fiber Reinforced Polyester (FRP), and paints and foliages proven for their durability. Our uses of materials and fabrication methods result in products that match or surpass industry standards for Radio Frequency Transparency. Our products are durable and realistic. We can reproduce any kind of existing material to integrate new concealment structures into an existing site, included non-conductive support structures as needed. Our product line also includes fiberglass chimneys, monopalms, fiberglass church steeples and spires, fiberglass brick facades and panels, cell towers concealed as flagpoles, reproduction of any type of industrial rooftop ventilation structure or ductwork and numerous varieties of antenna mounts.

Natural Environmental Integration – Monopines

In order to meet the demanding needs of the world’s rapidly expanding cellular network, towers are being erected at a record pace. In some cases, monopines are the solution of choice. As an experienced and proven telecommunication concealment company, EI produces unique monopines with the longest and most dynamic branches in the industry. This allows us to design authentic looking cell tower trees and results in a seamless blending with nature and a level of environmental integration that is unmatched. Our fiberglass tree bark is also visually and texturally superior. Our branch work, bark, and foliage are durable, even through harsh weather conditions, and are designed and built for maximum realism. EI is proud to have some of our work standing in a U.S. National Park and a in a Canadian Provincial Park.

Architectural Enhancements

At Environmental Integration LLC, we understand the importance of preserving history and respecting existing architecture. Since keeping up appearances is critical for many public facilities such as hotels, churches and institutional buildings, EI takes special care when integrating new communication infrastructures on sensitive sites. When faced with the challenge of installing a modern day antenna mount on an historic building or dense, urban site, we begin with site assessment and work diligently to understand your needs and goals. We strive to propose creative solutions that integrate existing architecture with new technical infrastructures. Our architectural enhancement techniques are also useful for cost effective repair or replacement as we can mimic almost any material, including carved stone, in the lighter-weight Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester, or FRP.

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